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Rakeback explained to beginners

In order to become successful in Texas Holdem in the shortest possible time, beginners need to adopt a winning mentality. Unlike most people think, a winning mentality doesn’t consist in telling yourself how good a player you are and how your opponents are all a bunch of donkeys. A winner is on a constant lookout for tiny edges he can put to use over and over. That’s how winning Texas Holdem works. The edges are small and the variance is big, so finding something that provides you an edge on every hand you play is golden.
Rakeback is one such edge, and it’s not even a small one. If you sign up for a rakeback deal like the full tilt rakeback, you’ll get a set percentage of the rake you generate returned to you.

Many beginners figure they won’t generate much rake anyway, since they’re not likely to win a lot in the beginning. That idea stems form the misconception that the poker rake is paid only by the winner. Nothing could be farther from the truth though. The rake is not paid by the winner, it is paid by all those players who put money into the pot. So as long as you pay your blinds, or see a flop, you too generate rake and are thus entitled to rakeback.

Depending on how your poker room calculates rake contribution, you may even end up generating rake and thus rakeback by simply being dealt into hands and then folding.
With all that in mind, it should be obvious to you that playing even a single hand of poker without rakeback deal, is a mistake.
You’ll often hear marginally successful players moan about how they’d be solid winners if it weren’t for the poker rake. A rakeback deal will temper the negative effects of the rake.
There are cases in which a rake back deal may even completely eliminate your rake related problems.
Special rake rebate deals called poker prop deals offer around 100% rakeback for players. If you’re getting more than 100% rakeback, you’re essentially getting paid to play.
These poker prop deals come with a series of restrictions though, which you will not find attached to regular rakeback deals. Before you sign up for a rakeback deal like this, please make sure that you understand the restrictions and the rules you have to obey or you risk losing your rakeback commission.

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